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Shikara Boat Tour: Explore Srinagar on a Floating Ride

Srinagar is the capital city of Kashmir, the northern-most state of the country and a living paradise. This city is home to the beautiful pristine lakes, heritage monuments and colourful streets markets. Dal lake is a gem to this city and a must visit place for every visitor in Kashmir. Along with the pristine water of Dal Lake, the colourful Shikara boats add a charm to the beauty of the lake.

Ever wondered to take a peaceful Shikara ride along with exploring the city? If not, then we have a well-planned 2-hour Shikara Boat tour on Dal Lake which will give you chance to explore the hidden realms of Srinagar city. The tour will take you on a fascinating voyage to explore the enchanting parts of the beautiful city of Srinagar on a Shikara boat. The enlisted places are the highlights of the Srinagar tour on Shikara boat.

Nehru Park : Explore the history of Srinagar with a breathtaking view

One of the major attractions during your tour is the Nehru Park. It’s cultural and historical significance is immense. Located at the beautiful Boulevard Road at the foot of the Zabarwan mountain range, this small island has a beautiful park developed. From this location, you also get an unmatched and almost panoramic view of the Dal lake.

Lotus Garden : An eternal eye candy that adds to the aura of the lake

The lotus garden is an absolute eye-candy for everyone. During the peak season (July and August), the lotuses grow in full bloom and in clusters, looking like organised rows of beautiful flowers, this sight is a must-see for anyone that undertakes this tour. The lotuses add to the aura of the already enchanting Dal Lake. This place will serve your eyes and nose just right.

Mission Kashmir Shooting Site : The famous Bollywood shooting site

For all the movie buffs, this place is going to fascinate you and take you back to the early 2000’s. As you might recall, the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Mission Kashmir’s most part was shot in Kashmir which included the Dal Lake. Famous for its music videos, Bollywood’sone of the most iconic songs were shot at what we now know as the Mission Kashmir Shooting site. It is a must for the movie enthusiasts and anyone who wants to catch a breathtaking view of the lake. It is an absolute favourite among travellers.

Open Lake Bathing Boats : Quench your thirst for adventure

Up for some adventures? Well, it is also a part of this tour. In your tour, when you reach the Open Lake Bathing Boats, you will be provided equipment to undertake motor launching and water skiing. So, quench your thirst for adventure in between your tour, get the best of both worlds, serenity and adventure.

Meena bazaar : The uniquely settled floating market

One of the major attractions and a major stand-out, the Meena bazaar is a uniquely settled floating market. It is in close proximity to the Nehru Park and also provides a good view. The highlight of this market is shopping from your boat itself. You will get beautiful indigenous Kashmiri shawls, wood carving items, Kashmiri dry fruits among many other things. You can also visit the looms where the Shawls and carpets are made.

Golden Gate : An enchanting passage with a golden tinge

The golden gate is another absolute eye-candy for the travellers. Located on the way to Char Chinar from Nishat Garden, it is a beautiful passage in the central part of the Dal lake. It is named Golden pertaining to the fact that it has a golden tinge to its colour. The golden reflection is a source of peace to every passer-by.

Golden Lake Point : The sunset rendezvous

The golden lake point is unique location that resembles a seamless sheet of gold. Guarded by cluster of houseboats on either side, passing through this literally gives the feeling of wandering through a colony on water. During the sunset, the beautiful dim light of the sleeping sun and the lights from the houseboats give the lake a beautiful golden reflection, a mix of nature and nurture. The sight is an absolute pleasure to witness and it stays in your head in the form of an eternal memory.

Shikara Tour on Dal Lake

Duration : 3 Hours
Places to Visit : Lotus Garden - Meena bazaar - Open Lake Bathing Boats

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Duration : 3 Days | 2 Nights
Mode of transportation : Shikara and Taxi
Places to Visit : Manasbal lake - Wullar lake – SafaKadal - NawaKadal

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Duration : 7 Hours
Mode of transportation : Shikara
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Best Time : May to October


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