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Kashmir Dargah Hazratbal Shrine Tour

Kashmir is not only a place for adventure and sightseeing, but this beautiful northern paradise is also a home to Spiritual shelters. The famous Kashmir Dargah Hazratbal Shrine tour in Srinagar will give you a glimpse of the famous sightseeing places in the city along with lakes and ending at the spiritual monument of Hazratbal Shrine.

A Serene ride through the Spiritual Realms on a Shikara

The whole tour will be covered by a Shikara boat ride which makes more fascinating.

What is a shikara boat in Srinagar?

Shikara is a flat-bottomed Kashmiri boat that is generally used for ventures on the lake. These Shikara boats in Srinagar resemble to the beautiful boats of Venice.

This 8-hour Shikara ride will take you on a voyage to the enchanting views and historical places which are situated in the vicinity of the Dal Lake. Following is an enlistment of the places that you will come across throughout your journey.

Lotus Garden: The essence of true beauty

Nothing decorates a lake like a cluster of beautiful bunch of lotus flowers arranged in a heavenly manner. The aroma fills the surroundings with peace, enabling you to have a great experience. Apart from the eye-candy, you will also get a chance to try out fishing here as fishermen are amply filled in and around these areas.

When is the best time to visit the Lotus Garden?
The Lotus garden provides you that pleasure to witness the beauty of clustered flowers in its peak season, July and August. At this time the flowers are in full bloom and are an absolutely delightful sight to watch.

Floating Gardens: Never-before-seen Gardens

The floating gardens of Dal Lake are nothing less than magic, and it is not even an exaggeration. How often do you come across gardens growing vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes that literally float on the water? An increasingly rare sight, indeed. A visit to these never-before-seen gardens is a must. Do not think twice before experiencing the magic of Srinagar in the form of these floating gardens.

Sona Lank: The Golden Island that Offers You Peace and Tranquillity

The first spiritual endeavour of your tour, the Sona Lank (The Golden Island), is an artificial island. Located in the central part of Dal Lake, this is the place where the Sufi Saints of Kashmir used to come for meditation. This is the best place that offers uninterrupted peace, calmness and serenity. Its beauty and calmness will tempt you to stay there forever, such is the aura of Sona Lank.

Char Chinar: The Ropa Lank

One of the most visited places in the Dal Lake, the Char Chinar is a major tourist attraction and is an absolute favourite among travellers. It is basically an island on Dal lake which is also known as the Ropa Lank. It derives its name from the four chinars that are located on the four corners of the island. Only accessible by a Shikara, this place is a must visit for its eternal beauty.

Kabootar Khaana: The Summer Royal Palace

You will get to visit this place on your way to char chinar. The Kabootar Khaana is yet another beautiful island situated on the Dal Lake. It is told that this place once used to be the Summer Royal Palace. A chance to visit this beautiful place should not be missed at any cost.

Hazratbal Shrine: The Spiritual Highlight

The highlight of the tour, the Hazratbal Shrine is the most famous shrine in Kashmir. It is the only domed mosque in Kashmir. It is said to have utter religious and spiritual importance because it is said to be the home to an ancient Islamic relic, the Moi-e-muqadas. This ancient relic is preserved here and therefore draws many tourists here. This shrine not just fulfils your spiritual quest but also your quest for beauty. You will also get the privilege of having a panoramic view of the beautiful and enchanting Dal Lake and the majestic view of the gigantic Zabarwan Hills. The Moi-e-Muqadas is displayed on several holy days and on other days in kept inside a casket of glass so that the general public can see it. Fridays here are celebrated with much enthusiasm and festivity. People turn up in huge numbers to pray at this beautiful shrine that is decorated and lively. A visit to this shrine is must and should not be missed at any cost. Do not think twice, embark upon this spiritual journey as soon as possible.


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